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arizona vol 9 • N o 2 APRIl 2013 Regulato R y Jou R nal state board of nursing SCOPE OF P ractice State Legislatures Enact Scope of Practice Laws “Limits & Privileges” SCOPE OF PRACTICE LAWS ARE YOUR “Limits & Privileges” National Overview What is scope of practice? • Activities that an individual practitioner is legally permitted to perform within a profession. • The legal framework defines and controls the delivery of services, the settings and parameters of professional activities. WHY SHOULD YOU BE CONCERNED ABOUT SCOPE OF PRACTICE LAWS? Health Profes-sion’s Boards Implement Laws Through Regulation Establish Minimum Qualifications for Licensure, License/Certify Practitioners, Investigate complaints and discipline violators Significant liability issues created when practicing outside your scope of practice; may be personally held accountable SCOPE OF PRACTICE: LPN Activities Performed Under Supervision of RN or Physician Activities Contributing to Assessment Maintaining Safe and Effective Nursing Care WHAT IS THE SCOPE & COMPETENCIES OF CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANTS? Provide Assessment Data • V ital Signs • Height and W eight • I and O ’s Delegating Activities Within Scope of Practice Participating Development Strategy of Care Implementing Strategy of Care Taught to identify normal from abnormal in body systems and to identify changes in patient conditions & report to RN or MD for further “full assessment” Unlicensed Assistive Personnel Activities of Daily Living • Bathing • Skin Care • T oileting • Oral Care SCOPE OF PRACTICE: RN Legally Accountable Decisions and Nursing Care Received Diagnosing and Prescribing Interventions and Treatments Evaluating Responses to Care Comprehensive Assessment Health Status Safety and Emergency Procedures • Infection Control • CPR “Advisory Opinions” is an official opinion of the AZBN regarding the practice of nursing as it relates to the functions of nursing. RN/LPN “ReNewAL SeASON” iS cLOSe tO fiNALiZAtiON fOR thiS yeAR. See PAge 14 fOR fuRtheR iNfORmAtiON.

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